16 February 2015 — Type Cast Workshop

Holger just returned from Rotterdam and Düsseldorf where he was running a student workshop together with Studio Dumbar. Unrelated to the German Carnival season the assignment was to design a personal visual identity using your own body as the canvas. The final presentation took place at Playspace in Rotterdam. thanks Liza, Vince and everyone who took part.

10 January 2015 — Welcome Back Marco

Today Marco Müller, the first designer who was employed at the studio came over from Switzerland for a short visit. Thanks to Marco a long trail of Swiss designers followed. Check out Marco's work, it's brilliant.

10 January 2015 — Erin and Us

We found this nice picture of supermodel Erin O'Connor on Instagram posing in front of our Tess sign. A very glamorous sign.

21 December 2014 — Happy Christmas

The Christmas tree is lit on Broadway Market and another eventful year is coming to an end. Our studio is now closed until the New Year. Back on the 5th of January. We like to thank all our clients, friends and interns for their support in 2014 and wish everyone a very nice Christmas and a Happy New Year!

20 December 2014 — Buy the Beer Book

If anyone is still looking for a late Christmas present, buy the 100/100 Beer Project book, designed by SB Studio which features our Beer Label among those by other great designers. It is for Charity!

19 December 2014 — Talking in Münster

Yesterday I gave a talk at the FH Münster. Very nice school, very enjoyable evening. Apologies to everyone that I was half an hour late for my own talk. Bloody train. Never happened before, not cool for someone who is not a Rock Star. Thanks to everyone for coming, I really appreciate your patience. Also a massive Thanks to Felix Scheinberger, Professor for illustration, for inviting me. He drew this slightly freaky but absolutely spot-on portrait of me (after a beer and at least half a bottle of wine). Münster is cool. (posted by Holger)

17 Decemberr 2014 — Mr. R from Stahl R in Düsseldorf

Holger invited Tobias Röttger from Stahl R in Berlin to come to Düsseldorf to give a talk to his students. Great Work. Thanks for coming Tobias!

12 December 2014 — Christmas in the Dove (as usual)

The annual studio Christmas dinner took place in The Dove again. Afterwards we ventured to the Eel Shop to get drunk on Gin.

12 December 2014 — Basics in English

The Studio published the dictionary Basics in English – East London Edition. Printed on extra thin flimsy paper this concise publication contains the most essential words you need to get by in East London, exactly 3 to be precise. If you want a copy just pop by the studio.

10 December 2014 — Belle Boxes

After a two months wait the boxes we designed for Belle Epoque finally arrived from the printers in France. Turned out well enough to display them on the bookshelf for a little while.

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