02 May 2012 — Silent Poster Sale

Today saw the launch of the Silent Poster Sale organised by students of Central St. Martins in collaboration with St Brides, the sale was to raise money for the library and the students degree show. We put together a poster inspired by the once olympic game, 'Tug of War'. Screen printed by the guys at Print Club London.

01 May 2012 — Talking at Bucks

Today Claire and Holger visited Bucks University to talk about our work and set the students a live brief.

19 April 2012 — New Kids on the Blog

In true 'Occupy' spirit Holger and his students at the University of Applied Sciences in Dόsseldorf, Germany squatted a room to establish a better and more creative working environment. (Read more about the project here). This was end of last year, now its time to show the world what is being produced in the 'occupied room'. The students have set up a new blog to show their daily, weekly and monthly output. There are also several events and workshops happening in the room. Bookmark it and check it out for regular updates.

11 April 2012 — Jumbo Jumbo

Holger went over to Zurich to meet old Mind Design colleagues and interns. As tradition demands we all went to eat the Jumbo Jumbo Cordon-Bleu (a massive piece of meat stuffed with cheese and ham) in the Rheinfelder Bierhalle. As in previous years Alex finished first, closely followed by Holger and Martin. Patrik and Sarah dropped out for ethnical reasons. Adrian lost due to being jet-lagged.

15 March 2012 — Tea Time

We received the first samples of the tea packaging range we designed for Villandry. All the old branding will be replaced over time with the new re-design.

15 March 2012 — Miles

Time to introduce Miles, our adopted studio dog. He actually belongs to the neighbours but he regularly pops into the studio to jump onto the beanbags, prevent us from concentrating on work and of course search for food. We might actually have given him some in the past.

13 March 2012 — Student Visit

We were pleased to welcome a group of Buckinghamshire students into the studio, we talked the students through a couple of current projects as well as a slightly older one.

01 March 2012 — Back to Uni

Romilly went back to university yesterday, this time as a guest lecturer. He completed a talk about the process of, and stages between graduation and employment — He tells us that the current UWE students are doing some great work!

20 February 2012 — Driftwood Installation

We are still working on the signage system for the Metropolitan Wharf building in Wapping. Today we tested the size of the tenants board on location. From now on we need to start looking for about fifty fairly straight pieces of washed up wood.

10 February 2012 — Random Words from Random Projects

Today our intern Elise designed a little postcard for a project by Random Projects . The idea is to create a postcard in response to a randomly generated word related to the upcoming Olympics. Our word was 'Champion'. We used Wim Crouwels font from his classic Hiroshima poster. A true champion of graphic design.

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