16 February 2010 Look, who's watching

Today we installed a pair of rather large watchful eyes at Circus. So even if all the guests are too drunk someone will still be watching the performers.

31 January 2010 Tooth Circles

We are almost finished with implementing the new identity we designed for the dentist practice D100. The window already features our 'tooth circles' inspired by Japanese Zen gardens and protective layers of enamel around those precious teeth.

20 January 2010 Shideh Shaygan web update

We just made some updates on Shideh Shaygan's homepage. She has done some amazing new projects and even though we did the website a couple of years ago still like it very much.

23 December 2009 Happy Christmas

The studio is now closed for the Christmas break. We have all flown out to tropical beaches drinking cocktails under palm trees. (Wishful thinking: actually most of us got stuck in miserable London as flights were cancelled due to the weather). Back on the 4th. Happy Christmas everyone.

18 December 2009 A night at the Circus

We spent our first evening at the now up and running Circus club and witnessed performers doing acrobatics just above the large dining tables.

15 December 2009 Student invasion

Frank Philippin, professor for graphic design in Darmstadt came to visit the studio with about twenty students from his class. We only showed them one single project but in every annoying little detail, explaining all technical aspects of the implementation.

10 December 2009 Circus printing

Today we started printing everything for Circus, hopefully just in time for the opening next week. A few experiments again: printing on mirror board, laminating ordinary rough grey board and foil blocking crazy disco foils. All looking good so far.

10 December 2009 Tea to hit the shelves soon

Tea will soon be available in shops and supermarkets. Today we got the first boxes back from the printer. We just hope we got the barcodes right.

27 November Spaceballs

Tom Dixon asked us to design acid etched pattern and all packaging for one of his new products. We are just getting used to it.

23 November 2009 Dummy Mania

I think we may have blown our whole design budged on making dummies... in layered Perspex, engraved mirrors, etched steel, on RGB led lights, coloured vinyl, etc, etc.

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