08 April 2013 — Most

This week Most in Milan kicks off again. We designed the overall identity and orientation system (in different colours this year) and its currently being implemented by the Italians. So we keep a watchful eye over it from the distance. We also designed some t-shirts and posters for the main event partner Fab which will also be available at Most. If you happen to be in Milan go and see it. And please send us some photos of the signs, banners and everything else.

17 February 2013 — I Used to Be a Design Student

Now there finally is a design book we can really recommend (you can buy it here). Not only is our work in there, it is also designed by our good friends Billy and Frank from Brighten the Corners, and most importantly it really is a very good read. Many design books nowadays just show the same work by the same design studios under different subjects, like pattern, colours, type, etc. This book actually shows work that has never been seen before and has something to say.

The UK launch is on Monday at Camberwell College of Art at 6pm with some interesting talks. The German launch will be in April at the University of Applied Science, Darmstadt where Holger will be speaking as well.

09 February 2013 — 'Werkschau' in Düsseldorf

If you happen to be in Germany this week come to see the 'Werkschau' (degree show) in Düsseldorf where Holger teaches. His student Marielle Neumann designed a very poetic overall identity for the show (where every graduating student is a little star on the big design skyline).

23 January 2013 – Buy the Bag

You can still buy our Musette Cycling Bag and do something for a good cause at the same time. Now available through Cycle Love.

11 January 2013 — Talking at VOID

Today Holger was talking at the VOID symposium in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was very nice to meet the other speakers, especially the guys from Wolff Olins who also came all the way from London.

28 December 2012 — Coming Up: VOID

On the 11th of January Holger will be talking at the VOID symposium in Düsseldorf, Germany. His talk will be about failure and crisis in design. He will be showing only bad work and projects that have gone wrong and explore what he and the studio have learned from it. Come along and check out the work that never made it to this website!

14 December 2012 – Christmas Dinner

This year we had our Christmas dinner quite early and it was a rather small and cozy affaire. None of the old crew members could make but we had a good time in the Talbot pub. Happy Christmas everyone. Once we are done with the last bits of work the studio will be closed for the Christmas break.

12 December 2012 — 21 Logo

We designed the identity for an Italian Restaurant on the Covent Garden Plaza. Unfortunately we are not in charge of the implementation which is why the project won't make it onto our website. But good to see the logo finally going up.

06 December 2012 – 'Typomöbel' opening

Today saw the opening of Typomöbel in Düsseldorf. In just 4 hours we managed to transfer a slightly run-down community space into a furniture showroom.

29 November 2012 — Aufi

On his last day of growing a mustache Romilly appeared in a promotional video by Aufi, the highly active guys representing us and other good small design studios.

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