25 July 2015 — A Hot Jumble Sale Weekend

Our big Studio Jumble Sale (on what felt like the hottest weekend of the year) was quite a success. We cleared out most of the stuff and made a bit of money as well. Might do it again next saturday.

20 July 2016 — The Big Jumble Sale

Our big Studio Jumble Sale is coming up. This Saturday and Sunday!!!. Come along and grab a super bargain. We are clearing out a lot of stuff.

03 July 2016 — Brexshit

First the country was run by bankers, now by idiots. Time to leave.

12 June 2016 — Tea Thai

Our work has been copied quite a bit. Sometimes it annoys us but most of the time we find it quite amusing. This is a great example our client has sent us. Note the rather adventurous attempt on Helvetica Bold. Its almost better than out clean version in a kind of deconstructive postmodern way. Although that might not have been the intention.

26 May 2016 Letterform Live

It was very enjoyable to talk at Protein Gallery yesterday about the work of Klaus Peter Dienst. Glad to see that so many people came and it was fascinating to listen to the other speakers. Thank you for coming.

19 May 2016 Talking Brutal Type

Holger will be talking about brutal letterforms next wednesday at the Protein Gallery as part of the popular Letterform Live series organized by Grafik. More info here. Come along.

19 May 2016 Vollends

Not sure if we mentioned it before. Some of our designs are available from the German online design gallery and shop Vollends. Check it out. Our stuff is the cheapest on the site.

19 May 2016 Grafik Biennial Brno

Some of our Typeface designs will be shown in an exhibition at the Grafik Biennial in Brno as part of the Off-Programme. More info here.

01 April 2016 — The Big Wall

Since we always had more space than we actually needed we decided to split the studio right in the middle. One part is used for work and the other as a flexible, multi-pupose space. Feels much more focussed and cosy now.

13 March 2016 Website Update

In the last year we worked on quite a few websites. Some part of bigger identity projects. We have been a bit lazy updating our own website but today we put a few new projects up in the web section. Although not in great detail yet. More to come.

→ Web Section

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