02 January 2012 Black Cow bottles

Today Paul and his lovely family came to bring us the first samples of the vodka bottles we designed for him. Make sure you try Black Cow once its available. Paul makes it from cows milk in the Dorset countryside.

01 February 2012 Studio Music

Our play list is on Studio Music. A brilliant website and a very nice idea. Considering the diversity in taste it is surprising that we never really argue about the music played in the studio.

27 January 2012 Moving Brands

Romilly worked out how the 3d modeling program works. From now on our logos can move and twist around in wonderful animated fashion (actually on this occasion there is a real point as the MOST logo is supposed to be build as a sculpture). It took us a while but from now on all we need is a few pics of us looking very involved in meetings or sticking up post-it notes and we will be fit for the moving world.

26 January 2012 Facebook and Twitter

Ok, so we have given up on our boycott of social networking sites and decided to go with the times. This means you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook now and check out our hopefully not entirely pointless latest gossip. However, we still prefer to chat to real people in the local pub on friday evenings.

09 January 2012 A new spirit moved in

To mark the start of the new year our old studio Buddhist blessing went back to Japan to be burned in the shrine and we got a new one. Nice big projects and good fortune will come for sure. To put the new blessing into place we drank some sake upon it.

16 December 2011 Happy Christmas

We went west of the Old Street roundabout and celebrated our studio Christmas party at Paramount. Amazing views. We could even see as far as the studio. Happy Christmas everyone. From Tuesday the studio will be closed for the Christmas break.

11 December 2011 Another one bites the dust

There is almost no point anymore designing websites nowadays even if they have the most advanced Content Management System. It takes a year or so until some so-called 'web expert' pops up and talks the client into something much more 'user friendly' with little or none consideration for design. As long as it has a big Twitter and Facebook button who cares about the overall identity concept or all those typographic details...

Most recently our website for Paramount has joined the grave where it meets our original designs for Le Pain Quotidien, Tea and Tess. However, our website for PTAL recently miraculously came back from the dead. So there is hope.

02 December 2011 Driftwood

We are working on an experimental wayfinding system for a building located right on the river Thames. The idea is to use driftwood. Today we put on our wellies and went down to the river banks in Richmond to collect some.

14 November 2011 Website Update

We have added some new projects to the website and updated the Belmacz Gallery project with new images of the now finally finished shop.

→ Belmacz Gallery
→ The Collection
→ Drummonds Catalogue
→ Tom Dixon Catalogue 11
→ Tom Dixon Review 11
→ Roll Table Base
→ Villandry

24 October 2011 The Type Foundry

Some of our fonts are now available at the newly launched Type Foundry.

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