Facebook and Twitter
You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook. However, we still prefer to chat to real people in the local pub on friday evenings.

On branding nonsense
Thank you Mr. Shaughnessy.

Day to Day Reality
Could every client please watch this before commissioning us, thank you.

The daily, weekly, monthly output of Holger's students.

The Type Foundry
The nice guys who sell our fonts.

Studio Music
Listen to our play list and many others.

Sad but true
An 'educational' video about design clients.

The Rather Difficult Font Game
It's not as hard as the name suggests but try to beat Holger's score: 34/34!

Do you need to know the name of a font? Try Identifont!

The Helvetic Centre brings Swiss culture to the UK and vice versa. They also bring the most beautiful Swiss books to London.

Freehand Anonymous
“My name is Holger and yes, I do still use Freehand”.

Bill Hicks on marketing
We couldn't agree more.

Saul Bass on making money vs quality work
A nice and personal elaboration on the dreaded subject.

Our man in Japan
In Japan we are also represented by Northern Projects.

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