17 July 2015 — Werkschau in Düsseldorf

The Werkschau (degree show) at the HSD Düsseldorf, where Holger is teaching took place again. This time not only the poster and orientation system were designed by Holgers students but also the After party.

05 July 2015 — Crowd Talks

Holger went to see The Brighton Degree Show at Studio 350 Which coincided with a podium discussion and the launch of the book Crowd Talks Volume One. You can buy the book here. It features our often quoted article on on Internships.

12 Juner 2015 — The New Boss

The studio has a new boss who from now on will answer all e-mails and take care of business. She can already reach the keyboard and clearly tells us the only way is up.

12 Juner 2015 — United Notions coming to Berlin

The United Notions Exhibition is coming to Berlin next week. Here some images from the Moscow show. Go and check it out between 18.05 and 20.06 in Kreuzberg. You can also buy our posters here and here.

10 June 2015 — 100 Bottles on a Table

Last night we all went to the opening of the 100/100 Beer project exhibition at Protein Gallery. Good to see you Neal.

04 June 2015 — One hundred Beers

Come and join us next Wednesday at Protein Gallery for the long awaited London exhibition of the 100/100 Beer project.

01 June 2015 — The Big K

We are working on a new pop-up restaurant in a Brixton container. Kricket will open on wednesday, serving amazing Indian food and cocktails. Today our big K logo was painted on the container by the brilliant Bella Pace.

29 May 2015 — Eels in Moscow

We are proud to be one among the designers from 20 countries invited by The Bakery Design Studio (thanks Ksenia!) to produce two screen printed poster for United Notions Exhibition in Moscow which launched today. If you happen to be in Moscow you can see our take on the Jellied Ell shop around the corner and the interpretation of the same brief by our Brazilian counterparts. More to follow.

30 April 2015 — Frank at St. Brides

This evening we all went to see our good friends Frank and Billy from Brighten The Corners talking at the St. Brides Library. Here you can see Frank surrounded by design groupies.

30 April 2015 — Film Crew at the Studio

This morning we where visited by a film crew from trendy Mr. Porter who were doing a feature on us and one of our clients. Well, actually more about our client, we were more there to provide the trendy design studio location.

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