23 November 2009 Chaos at the Circus

The Circus building site is a maze of cables, scaffolding, wood panels and insulation material. Hard to believe that there will be dancers performing here in about three weeks time.

23 November 2009 New projects online

We have added three recent projects to the website.

→ TESS Management identity
→ TESS Newspaper
→ What On Earth packaging

12 November 2009 Book Art

We just finished working on a book art piece for Znips, the hair salon we designed recently. Our multi-talented intern Rebecca bought lots of old books from a charity shop, chopped them into small strips and arranged them like strands of hair.

October 2009 Our website goes online

Our website has been in existence for quite a while now. However, we have always been too busy to fill it with content. Now we made a start. It still only shows a very small selection of our work (more can be seen in the downloadable pdf in the work section) but we will do our best to put up more projects every week.

October 2009 Circus

We are currently working on the identity for a new club in Covent Garden called Circus which will open in December. To see how our logo would work in 3d we built a dummy from polyboard and put it in front of a light box. Eventually the lights should be in between the different layers.

October 2009 Studio refurbishment

We just refurbished our studio. Finally we have larger tables and new shelfing units between the workspaces. It was quite a task to untangle the messy cabling of years that nobody dared to touch before. During the rebuild we worked on a small island in the middle of the studio while the carpenter worked around us. It was quite dusty.

27 September 2009 TESS Newspaper

We just printed the newspaper for TESS, the model agency for which we designed a new identity. The logo on the belly bands around the newspaper is printed in five different spot colours. Our printer kept a sheet of each layer.

August 2009 Hall of Fame

Holger scored the top score in the font game and insisted on having this in our news section.

July 2009 Linocuts

We designed a new packaging concept for the organic food producer "What on Earth". The new packaging shows an arrangement of linocut illustrations. For two days our studio turned into a cutting and printing workshop to produce a range of images that can be used on boxes, tins and wrappers.

June 2009 Print Museum Dublin

Johannes and Andy went for a weekend to Dublin and visited the National Print Museum. The museum has a great collection of old letter press tools, letters and setting machines. You are free to wander around and explore by yourself.

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