May 2009 Zurich

Every year the whole studio flies over to Zurich for a weekend to meet old friends, interns and see the degree show at the Z hdk. It has become a tradition to go and eat the Jumbo Jumbo Cordon-Bleu (a massive piece of meat stuffed with cheese and ham) in the Rheinfelder Bierhalle. This year Alex finished first, closely followed by Andy and Holger. Craig struggled the most and claimed experiencing dizziness apparently caused by meat overdose.

May 2009 Milan Furniture Fair

The Tom Dixon newspaper on display at the Milan Furniture Fair.

April 2009 Stay away, you bad spirits...

On his trip to Japan Holger organized an official Buddhist blessing for the studio at a Shinto shrine near Kyoto. Now we will be save from bad spirits of the credit crunch for the near future (hopefully). To put the new blessing into place we had to burn the old one and drink upon it.

April 2009 Tom Dixon catalogue print

Johannes and Holger spent three days (and nights) at the printers to see the catalogue on press and to make sure that the colours come out correctly.

31 March 2009 Tom Dixon newspaper print

Andy went to see the Tom Dixon newspaper being printed. 90,000 copies in three hours an impressive speed.

This press reminded us more of the machines in The Matrix than the trusted Heidelberg Speedmaster we are used to.

March 2009 It's a hard days night

The final phase of the Tom Dixon catalogue and newspaper chained us to the studio for about a month on a diet of Pot Noodles, Red Bull and Caffeine. Johannes even slept here twice because he was too tired to walk home in the early morning.

December 2008 The Ladies Man

Holger attended the Christmas party at Cupcake and was very welcome.

June 2008 At the top of Centrepoint

Craig at the top of Centrepoint where the Paramount club is taking shape.

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