22 February 2014 Ron's Eel and Shell Fish

Oh no, it seems they are removing one of my favorite pieces of local public art on Regents Canal. The advert for Ron's Eel and Shelfish van by the artist Bob and Roberta Smith was the worst example of justified text I have ever seen. So bad that it was brilliant. If we talk of 'rivers' in justified text - this were oceans, perfectly in tune with the subject. I will miss this piece on my way to work.

14 February 2014 Two dots say it all

On the occasion of Valentine's Day I thought it might be nice to show some very old and very personal work. My wedding invite from 14 years ago. Probably one of the best pieces of work I ever did and most certainly the best decision I ever made. (posted by Holger)

03 November 2014 What Designers Do

Ever wanted to know what designers do all day and more interestingly what non-designers think they might do? Our ex-intern Karin Fisch(k)naller asked a lot of designers (including us) and non-designers. You can get all the answers here.

25 January 2014 New AUFI Website

AUFI, the agency which represents us and all the best small design agencies has a new website. Designed by the brilliant Bibliotheque. Small is big! Check it out!

23 January 2014 Made in Chelsea

Nobody in the studio watches much TV so we were surprised when we received an email from Sean, a fellow designer who saw our logo for Circus on Made in Chelsea. I guess the reason why we never go back to the places we designed is that we don't like hanging out with the posh people. This design was 'Made in Hackney'!

20 January 2013 Teaching Section Update

Its coming to the end of the university term. In case someone is interested in Holger's teaching, we have just updated the teaching section and brought it up to date.

→ teaching

26 December 2013 Gentrification completed

One thing can be said for sure about 2013. The gentrification of Broadway Market and its transformation into a hipster theme park has been completed. Today they ripped out the last greasy spoon of the neighborhood. For sure it will become another overpriced skinny soya latte organic giant couscous cafe. Fuck that. Where the hell will I eat my soggy cheese mushroom omelette with chips from now on? But then again who are we to complain? Seven years ago when we moved here we were desperate for alternatives.

23 December 2013 Happy Christmas

Our studio is now closed for Christmas and New Year. Back on the 6th of January. We like to thank all our clients, friends and interns for their support in 2013 and wish everyone a very nice Christmas and a Happy New Year!

13 December 2013 Christmas in The Dove

This year we celebrated our studio Christmas party in our local pub The Dove again. No experiments with fancy unknown restaurants. Quality food, Guinness and red wine in familiar surroundings served by our favorite bossy restaurant manageress.

03 December 2013 Villandry St. James Opening

Yesterday we went to the opening party of the new (Villandry) branch in St. James. Seriously posh but certainly perfect for that part of town (which we normally never go to). Lots of free drinks.

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