05 May 2013 Lock Studios

We recently designed the identity and website for Lock Studios, a new photographic studio situated on Regents Canal. The place is still a building site but our work is pretty much done. We just need to update the images on the website once it is up and running.

04 May 2013 Work in Progress

We are currently working on the identity and website for Loop.pH, a design studio that does very interesting artistic and architectural installations inspired by science and nature.

28 May 2013 Tess Copycat

We always find it to a certain extent, amusing when other designers copy our work. Obviously there is a certain degree of influence and inspiration involved in all design work but some things just go a step too far. See the original here and the copy here.

The world has become a very crowded place nowadays, design is everywhere. It becomes a duty for every good designer to make sure his work is original. A good way of doing that is NOT to look at any design books or blogs WHILE you are working on something but AFTERWARDS just to make sure nobody accidentally had the same idea (if so start from scratch). However some people seem to do it the other way round.

25 April 2013 Back from Darmstadt

Holger just came back from Darmstadt where he did a talk at the design faculty of the University of applied Sciences coinciding with their Work in Progress show. He also met with friends Billy Kiosoglou from Brighten the Corners and Liza Enebeis from Studio Dumbar who stayed on to run workshops.

28 April 2013 Pick Me Up

Romilly was asked to take part in this year's Pick Me Up design festival, being on the portfolio advice panel.

22 April 2013 New Tom Dixon Catalogue

If anyone is interested in the new Tom Dixon catalogue we just designed, its not printed yet but you can already view it online here.

16 April 2013 Verdun Font in Action

We were happy to see our font Verdun being used on a nice new furniture shop in Chatsworth Road. Not sure who designed it but looks like a very nice job.

15 April Fabulous Fab Shirts

We designed a series of 'explorer' t-shirts for Tom Dixon, mixing drawings of plants and techical instruments. They were launched in Milan and one of them is being sold by Fab.

14 April 2013 Technical Problems

Our website is currently experiencing technical problems and is not showing all pages or some pages incomplete. Be patient, we are working on it. (Fixed, Thanks Alex!)

12 April 2013 Back to Roman Times

We designed a rather beautiful mosaic for the entrance of Villandry in Great Portland Street. Very nice to see how the details of the letters are constructed from small coloured stones.

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