18 March 2017 — The Big Mind Design Party

This was the big one. Thank you everyone for coming!!!

16 March 2017 — Kricket Soho

Don’t believe the hype!

13 March 2017 — Ito En for Askul

Always great to see our rather simple designs in the very very busy catalogue of our Japanese client Askul. We recently re-designed the bottled green tea range of the most famous Japanese tea brand Ito En for their product range.

21 February 2017 — ME & EU

It was to expect that at some point someone would ask us to make a graphic Brexit statement. This guys ME & EU did.

24 January 2017 — Showtime

Today my first year students put up a little show of the hundreds of posters they designed. Followed by the bigger Werkshow (Degree Show) that will start Saturday.

15 December 2016 — Meeting Franz Mon

Today I visited the German concrete poet Franz Mon, one of my all-time heroes at his home in Frankfurt. Now 90 years old, he has been an inspiration to me since my early student days and it was a great privilege to meet the great man in person. To respect his privacy I would not show any of the selfies I took with him here, neither pictures of his home studio.

09 December 2016 — Studio Christmas Party

We had our studio Christmas party a bit earlier this year. As usually in The Dove. Everyone who worked for the studio in the last couple of years came.

08 November 2016 —Tea Printing

Fresh on (and soon off) the press are our new designs for We Are Tea which are about to hit the supermarket shelves soon.

09 November 2016 — ...

A great triumph for media and design. We have proven that our kind can even turn a pig into a president. There is no content anymore, just surfaces.

31 October 2016 — Olive + Squash Selfie

Us, posing in front of Olive+Squash.

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