05 August 2011 — Printing Toilet Walls

The Belmacz shop is coming together bit by bit. Today our design for the toilet walls got printed, featuring Google Earth images of large mines. The glass panels will be fitted with gold leaf foil from the back.

05 August 2011 — The Mobile Museum

Our Thank F*** poster was shown at the V&A and in Belgium as part of the Mobile Museum.

23 July 2011 — Studio Cookbook Launch

Today saw the launch of Ken Kirtons Studio Cookbook (which we contributed to) at Bokship . We decided to make four dishes representing each nationality in the studio. Holger made German potato pancakes, Claire served French baguette with sausage and cheese, our intern Laura made Swiss Schoggibrötli and Craig, who is away on holiday at the moment, told us how to make Irish coffee before he went.

22 July 2011 — New Tom Dixon Catalogue

Today the new Tom Dixon caltalogue arrived from the printer. We are doing it for the third year now and it has become a quite a regular project. We are changing the design slightly every year and its still nice to see that it turned out well. The whole catalogue can be seen online here .

15 July 2011 — Belmacz Opening Soon

After almost a year in the making and battling with complicated staircases and dump spots the Belmacz shop is now finally very close to opening. Last week our flexible shop sign went up already. Lets hope everything else that we designed for the shop will look good as well.

07 July 2011 — Claire and Holger at the BAFTA's

Well, not quite the BAFTA's although the photo they took at the entrance quite reminded us of the kind of pictures you see in 'Hello Magazine'. Holger and Claire went to the award ceremony of the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards . Since we are not taking part in award schemes Holger was asked to be part of the jury, which got us free tickets to this rather posh event. More images here.

25 June 2011 — Logo Marathon Event

Holger and his students organised the Logo Marathon as a public event. Despite rain and cold temperatures 25 students battled against the clock and designed 42 logos in a little over 4 hours. This time for real people that could set instant briefs. Certainly a 6 minute logo sketch is not a proper identity but the results were surprisingly original. Not just the students had a lot of fun, also their new 'clients' were very happy with the results. The idea of the experiment was to investigate if a spontaneous and intuitive response can produce relevant results as opposed to a long strategic development. More about the Logo Marathon here .

20 June 2011 — His Masters Voice

Today Holger received a surprise email from Werner Stahl who runs a design studio in Cologne, Germany. More than 23 years ago Holger did his first (and only) internship here and had lost contact since. Werner sent a small drawing by Holger from that time which he felt summed up the experience pretty well. Those were the days of creating everything by hand and doing layouts with sticky glue. Thanks again Werner for everything!

17 June 2011 — Body Copy

Craig and Holger gave a short talk and run a workshop called 'Body Copy' in Sofia as part of the Sofia Design Week. The idea was that participants design a typeface or individual letters by using their own bodies. As intended it was quite a messy event, some sort of typographic orgy. Some images here and here.

03 June 2011 — Marawa Superstar

Marawa is on Britain's Got Talent. Vote for Marawa! Go Marawa Go! Good thing we just did her new logo before she hits superstardom.

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