20 May 2011 — Sofia Design Week

Craig and Holger will be running a workshop at the upcoming Sophia Design Week in Bulgaria on the 17th of June. It will be a kind of typographic orgy. More infos can be found here.

20 May 2011 — Japan Week

Final preparations are on their way for the opening of the Japan Week at the University of Applied Science in Düsseldorf, Germany. Holgers students were busy printing posters, leaflets, bags, producing display tables and large wall installations. In case you happen to be in Germany do not miss it. More information can be found here.

19 May 2011 — Feed My Ride Launch

Today was the launch of 'Feed My Ride' at Look Mum No Hands organized by Progress. You can buy ours and 14 other great musette cycling bags here . You know you want it!

18 May 2011 — As seen on The Apprentice

Tonight Circus was shown on The Apprentice. Lord Sugar called it "one of Covent Garden's trendiest bars". He should call us instead of wasting his time on those losers. We need his big bundles of cash.

16 May 2011 — Fashion Freedom

We designed a new website for Fashion Freedom, a charity organisation that produces fashion in collaboration with developing countries. The project is supported by the United Nations' ITC (International Trade Centre).

→ Fashion Freedom

11 May 2011 — Nottingham Trent University

Craig gave a talk and showed our work at Nottingham Trent University. Unfortunately his camera broke so there are no images (except for some of Nottingham train station when his camera started functioning again). Maybe he just went there, got stage fright and went straight back again. Only the students will know.

06 May 2011 – The Mobile Museum

Today we heard that our poster/cover for Belmacz was shown at the Mobile Museum in Milan. We didn't see it but the Mobile Museum is an absolutely brilliant concept and a beautiful installation.

04 May 2011 — St Martins to move print workshops offsite

Students from St Martins are rallying against the proposed move of their print workshops offsite. We are all for keeping the dirty, inky, practical aspects of graphic design as accessible as possible. You can learn more and support the cause here.

03 May 2011 — Feed my Ride

Progress have asked us and 14 other studios to design a cycling musette bag. We can't reveal our design yet but there will be a show running from 19th until 26 May at Look Mum No Hands, London. Bags will be on sale at LMNH and a dedicated website to follow.

April 2011 – Milan Furniture Fair

We designed a solid cast-metal table base for Tom Dixons new 'roll' table inspired by manhole covers. Claire also designed the new catalogue which can be downloaded here.

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