19 October 2014 Company Blessing

Today Holger acquired a new Omamori, a company blessing from the shrine in Narita, Japan. According to the size of the company he went for one of the smaller ones. Our financial future for the next couple of years is secured.

10 October 2014 Tom Everywhere

Wow, now they even have Tom Dixon lamps at our local pub. The gentrification of the East End is officially complete. Some may wonder why there are so many news concerning the pub in here thats simply because we spent a lot of time there.

04 October 2014 Auto Italia South East

Holger went to the opening of Polymyth x Miss Information exhibition at Auto Italia South East. Beside seeing the work of our friends Pinar&Viola, as well as Metahaven and Holly Herndon it was nice to meet 80s design icon April Greiman.

03 October 2014 Big Scale Kerning

The new Mondrian Sea Containers Hotel designed by Tom Dixon has opened. We were responsible for the large letters (3.22 meters to be precise) on top of the building. So far we have only seen press photos. It seemed that the spacing between the E and A is too wide. Making mistakes (and learning from them) is part of a designers job, but not on this scale. So we checked the drawings, all correct. We checked on Google Street View, all fine. So must be the angle in the photo.

In our original proposal there were no letters on the roof at all. The lights on the windows were meant to be letters that move across the building like a fish swarm. Monospaced!

02 October 2014 Claire and Dora at KK

Today we went to KK Outlet to see the work of ex Mind Design team member Claire. Check out her beautiful, poetic and understated identity for I am Dora.

01 October 2014 New Shutters

This may not be the most exciting news at all but today we got new shutters installed. The old ones were getting rusty and we need to protect ourselves against all those celebs haunting the area.

01 October 2014 Celebrity Spotting on Broadway Market

A quick update in the Hackney gentrification process: Today we spotted Mr. Geldof and his daughter at La Bouche on Broadway Market. Bugger, all the estate agents peeping through their windows must have seen them as well. And bang, our studio rent has probably gone up a good 20% right away. We might re-locate to Chelsea once they are all moved over here.

27 September 2014 Extended Family Gathering

Today some of the extended Mind Design family came together at Hoxton Square to celebrate the baptism of Holgers daughter Juna. Sara, her new godmother came all the way from Switzerland.

25 September 2014 Bar and Restaurant Awards

We have a strict no awards policy but somehow big Marco always convinces me to take part in this one. Good think we kept our record clean and did not win. Lots of glamorous and stylish people at the event. I went with my dad, the most stylish of all. More images here.

20 September 2014 Mysterious Bin Sculpture

Today we spotted this mysterious object that did not quite fit in the bin just outside the studio. Is it a new piece of street art? Someones failed attempt to design a stylish bin cover? An early Christmas tree gone wrong? The artist may contact and enlighten us.

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