19 January 2011 Talking at Saint Martins

We did a talk at Saint Martins College of Art showing our work and giving a bit more insight into the nitty gritty of production. We were happy that so many students came. Thanks for coming.

20 December 2010 Happy Christmas

As Britain plunges into the usual yearly snow chaos (here the view from the studio window) the studio closes for the Christmas break. We are all trying to fly to our native countries (Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and France). Finger crossed and Happy Christmas everyone.

17 December 2010 Playlab at The Dock

Playlab's little elves are running a DIY Make 'n' Do production line at the Tom Dixon Christmas Market. Drop by and make your own Christmas cards, tags and wrapping paper.

December 2010 M for Microelectronics

We are building an illuminated version of Marawa's M logo using 63 small lightbulbs. Unfortunalely the three 9-volt batteries we connected last exactly 3 minutes before they run out of power. We should have listened to the geeks at Maplin.

29 November 2010 Dr.Ink now for sale

Our Dr.Ink mugs came today. If you are still looking for a Christmas present here is your opportunity. We haven't set up a Paypal for those yet but drop us a mail if you want one (they are 6 excluding delivery).

29 November 2010 Big Changes at Mind Design

Today we celebrated Johannes last day at the studio (at the Vietnamese on Mare Street). Andy already left three month ago but we haven't officially announced it. As a new member of the team Claire joined us. Welcome Claire! And a big thank you to Johannes and Andy. You guys made the studio what it is today!

26 November 2010 Crepeman on the loose

Oh no, what have we created? Today we found out that our client Crepe Affaire turned the little animation we created for their website into a real live character, harassing innocent passers-by on the street. Watch out for some big smiley yellow thing chasing you with pancake vouchers!

23 November 2010 Christmas at The Dock

And another Christmas market we designed. This time at The Dock. More info here.

12 November 2010 Christmas at the OXO Tower

We recently worked on the promotional campaign and Christmas decoration for the Oxo Tower and Gabriel's Wharf which went up today.

13 October 2010 Rufus, the Cat

We just picked up our new catalogue for Belmacz from the printer. This years model is Rufus the lazy cat. He reminded us so much of the iconic villain pet in the James Bond movie that we printed the cover as a folded 'most wanted' poster.

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