17 February 2016 — Deborah Pagani

We designed the overall identity for Deborah Pagani, a New York based jewellery designer. More to come soon.

17 February 2016 —RePack Exhibition

Our Work for Tom Dixon and Lacoste (Eco/Techno polo) is currently being shown at the RePack exhibition in Munich, Germany. The Exhibition at the Maximilian Forum focuses on sustainable and innovative packaging. It is still on until the first of March.

13 Februar 2016 — Werkschau Düsseldorf

The Werkschau (degree show) at the HSD Düsseldorf, where Holger is teaching took place again. The poster and orientation system were designed by Holgers students.

02 February 2016 — First Year Exhibition

Holgers first year students produced over 1000 posters in one term. A selection of them was shown at the Filmwerstatt in Düsseldorf.

17 December 2015 — Merry Christmas

The Studio Christmas Dinner in the Dove (where else?). We closed early this year and will be open on the 4th of January again.We do no annoy our clients with digital Chrismas cards but let me take this opportunity to thank our clients for their trust and wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a great New Year!

17 December 2015 — Bubble Tea

We designed quite a bit of tea packagings over the years. Somehow clients seem to think when you have done one well you must be good at it. This time it was bubble Tea. All made from circles. Easy but nice

10 December 2015 — Mr. Spiekermann

Went to Berlin. Met Mr. Spiekermann in his amazingly well organized print workshop. Respect.

27 November 2015 — et encore...

The Visit of French Students from Lyon becomes a regular event in the Mind Design Calendar. We tried to scare them away with (according to our lovely French intern Auré) disgusting British finger food but they keep coming.

15 November 2015 — Oldies but Goldies

Holger's German students came to London again for a one week excursion. There is always a theme to those trips. This time we only met designers over 65. Among them Alan Kitching and corporate design legends such as Michael Wolff and Mike Dempsey. Good to speak to the people who really have seen and done it all.

03 October 2015 — Noor Fares live

Today we launched our new identity and website for the London fine jewellery brand Noor Fares. Coinciding with Paris Fashion week. The new website we designed is responsive, dynamic and has more social media integration than anyone could ask for. All singing, dancing with changing navigation bar colours. Our developer Tudinh has done a great job. Samples for Noors new packaging are on the way too.

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