06 July 2012 – Celebrating Claire's last day

Claire's decided to work more in France and today was her last day at the studio. We went to the bar at Netil House for a drink with friends and colleagues. We miss you already Claire!

28 June 2012 — Carpark Talk

Thanks everyone for coming to our little D&AD talk at the top of Shoreditch Carpark. We somehow all overlooked the notice that said 'meetings and gatherings of the general public on an organised or ad-hoc basis are not permitted in this area'. But then again we are not the general public.

Harry and Holger did a short video for the event entitled 'Essential Skills' (needed to open a design studio) which the D&AD did not show it on their website as originally planned.

18 June 2012 — No Plan B

The D&AD asked us to get involved in their current No Plan B campaign in connection with this years New Blood Festival. Holger is also giving an informal talk together with Harry Woodrow from Multistorey on Thursday the 28th of June. We are trying to do it on top of a carpark in Shoreditch. Come along (but don't jump).

08 June 2012 — Back from NYC

Holger just came back from New York where he visited the Sagmeister studio, Pentagram and the Herb Lubalin Archive at The Cooper Union. It was also nice to met with Irene, the first person who ever worked for Mind Design back in the old days when we just had a small desk space in another studio.

24 May 2012 — Small Update

We have added a small identity project we did recently to the website and updated the Villandry project with new images..

→ Dominic Reeves
→ Villandry

21 May 2012 — Cow meets Cow

Monday saw the 'soft' launch of Black Cow Vodka, the Dorset based vodka company that we have been working with recently. The launch took place in the former power station on Rivington Street, which is now a restaurant called The Tramshed. Ironically, it was the Damien Hirst cow in the centre of the restaurant that attracted most of the attention on the night.

18 May 2012 — Strategy, Strategy, Strategy!

Finally we have woken up to a brand(ed) new world and offer a whole new client experience. more here.

02 May 2012 — Silent Poster Sale

Today saw the launch of the Silent Poster Sale organised by students of Central St. Martins in collaboration with St Brides, the sale was to raise money for the library and the students degree show. We put together a poster inspired by the once olympic game, 'Tug of War'. Screen printed by the guys at Print Club London.

01 May 2012 — Talking at Bucks

Today Claire and Holger visited Bucks University to talk about our work and set the students a live brief.

19 April 2012 — New Kids on the Blog

In true 'Occupy' spirit Holger and his students at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf, Germany squatted a room to establish a better and more creative working environment. (Read more about the project here). This was end of last year, now its time to show the world what is being produced in the 'occupied room'. The students have set up a new blog to show their daily, weekly and monthly output. There are also several events and workshops happening in the room. Bookmark it and check it out for regular updates.

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