11 July 2014 — Belle Epoque in Progress

The redesign of Belle Epoque is coming along although nothing has been produced yet we made lots of dummies. The key element of the overall design will be the Art Nouveau inspired packaging which is going into production next week. Next week we are also shooting the images for the new website which we are working on.

06 July 2014 — Belle Epoque opening

Yesterday we went to the soft-opening of Belle Epoque, a new Patisserie we are designing. Their beautiful cakes will be available from today on Upper Street in Angel but our design, especially all the different cake boxes, needs a bit longer to arrive. It will be ready for the official opening. So far there is only a simple logo in the window and even that needs to be replaced. The lamps we picked look good though.

06 July 2014 — Werkschau 2014

The Werkshau (degree show) at the FH Düsseldorf, where Holger is teaching takes place again. The poster and exhibition graphics were designed by Holgers student Tobias Textor. Its on from the 10th to the 12th of July. If you are in Düsseldorf come and see it.

19 June 2014 — Degree Show Time

Holger went to the LCC degree show where he helped one of the students, Lara Cecile a bit with her project on Peter Hardwicke, one of the last remaining proper London sign writers. Also good to go back to the RCA and see show there. Difficult to find any graphic design in a more traditional sense though.

15 June — 3 days / 3 nights

Holger just came back from a workshop at the University in Düsseldorf which he run together with his friend, the Swiss designer, Martin Stoecklin. Over 3 days and 3 nights a group of 25 students worked on a book of abstract designs inspired by brutalist architecture.

03 June 2014 — Talking in Bielefeld

Today Holger gave a small talk in Bielefeld, Germany on the subject of Storytelling in Corporate Design. It look place in a really nice location, Haus Wellensiek which is connected to the university. It was also nice to see some old friends and former fellow students from the University of Essen which is not too far away.

31 June 2014 — Field Trip

This week a group of Holgers students came over to London on a university field trip. There were no visits to any design studios, in fact no graphic design at all on the agenda this time. Instead we looked at brutalist and high-tech buildings in London. Personal highlight of the week was to see Thomas Heatherwicks Rolling Bridge in Action. It only curls up once a week on a Fridaty at 12 o clock sharp.

22 May 2014 — Jumbo Jumbo Time

It has become a long standing studio tradition to meet once a year with our Swiss friends, ex-colleagues, interns and collaborators at the Rheinfelder Bierhalle in Zurich to battle with their local speciality the gigantic Jumbo Jumbo cordon bleu. This years winner, who finished the gigantic piece of meat (plus chips and salad) in the fastest time was Martin (who took over the title from Alex). Congratulations Martin! Since great work usually pays badly, you must have been starving.

21 May 2014 — Meeting Weingart

I flew over to Zurich for just one evening to see a panel discussion with Wolfgang Weingart at the Museum für Gestaltung. So far I only knew his work and design approach from books and interviews but he has always been one of my biggest inspirations. Great to meet the design legend in person.

09 May 2014 – Down Memory Lane

Yesterday I went over to the RCA to attend their Research Design Publish Symposium (which was brilliant). In a slightly nostalgic mood I took the opportunity to visit the studios in the Stevens Building and my old desk where I worked 17 years ago. At the time I was living in a pretty shabby flat and worked almost non-stop, so most of the time I slept under my desk in the college. It was a big surprise to see that the student who works on my desk now (greetings!) seems to do exactly the same.

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