03 October 2016 — CNC Routing

The best and most rewarding thing about this job is actually seeing things being produced. Especially by some magic CNC robot which cuts into laminated plywood with amazing precision. Today we produced the new menu boards for Olive+Squash, our latest restaurant project which will open soon.

30 September 2016 — Craigs Birthday Party

Some of the old (and new) Mind Design crew gathered at Craigs Birthday party in his little Hobbit studio, playing such exciting games as Beer Ping Pong. Happy Birthday Grandmaster Craig!

12 September 2016 — So Many Question Marks (and no answers)

You may have noticed that (since the last server update of our lovely provider) our website has been infiltrated by question marks. Quite a few of those. Annoying but also interesting in a kind of experimental reading way. Anyway, the new , long overdue, website is on its way so we may not bother fixing it all manually.

12 September 2016 — Like-Letters

We are taking part in a little exhibition in Sheffiled that our Friend Joanna Rucklidge organized. Its called Like-Letters and we are featured with the glorious letter H.

08 September 2016 —New in the Katalog

Our studio has been featured on Katalog. We are in good company among many other nice studios whose work we like. However, since all the studios look kind of similar, all designers look cool and all work is obviously cool as well, we decided, neither to show our studio, nor our faces or our work. Commercially a complete missed opportunity.

28 July 2016 —No More Probat

The legendary graffiti on our building (no idea how they managed to get it on there) is being removed. I guess they took the cost for that operation out of our service charge.

25 July 2016 —desk spaces available

We have four deskspaces in our large and de-cluttered studio available. E-mail us for details.

25 July 2015 � A Hot Jumble Sale Weekend

Our big Studio Jumble Sale (on what felt like the hottest weekend of the year) was quite a success. We cleared out most of the stuff and made a bit of money as well. Might do it again next saturday.

20 July 2016 The Big Jumble Sale

Our big Studio Jumble Sale is coming up. This Saturday and Sunday!!!. Come along and grab a super bargain. We are clearing out a lot of stuff.

03 July 2016 Brexshit

First the country was run by bankers now by idiots. Time to leave.

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