28 April 2014 Taschen Book Launch at Tramshed

Its been a while since we designed a book. Recently we designed one on collaboration with Taschen and the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards. It may be not quite our choice of cover but overall a very nice and substantial book. The launch was yesterday at Tramshed in Shoreditch. Against our usual principles we even entered the awards.

05 April 2014 100 beers by 100 designers

We are proud to be part of the 100/100 project. 100 beer labels designed by 100 contributors in aid of Art Fund. Among them my all-time favorite design hero Lance Wyman.

→ 100/100

21 March 2014 Keep Hackney Crap!

Its getting worse. Recently teeny band One Direction filmed their latest video on Broadway Market, now Kanye West's car parks right under our studio window. No wonder our rent has gone up. I wish Throbbing Gristle would still run the Death Factory at the side of London Fields. They might scare away some of those people. The cross on the door in 50 Beck road where they used to live is still there.

19 March 2014 At the Design Museum

Yesterday the whole studio went to the design museum to find out What Next for Communication Design?. The discussion panel included some of the most influential graphic designers such as Neville Brody and the brilliant Morag Myerscough. A very interesting evening but somehow we felt nobody really had a clear vision where design is heading in the next 50 years or really addressed the problems of an industry that is becoming more and more dominated by marketing and social media. So if the big guys don't know I guess we have to figure it out ourselves.

08 March 2014 Sign installed

Our sign for the The Life Centre has been installed. For a long time we have been working on identities without a traditional logo, so its nice to see a sign that is just text.
The website still needs lots of work though...

03 March 2014 A package from Japan

Today we received a big box with tea from Japan. It contained our first little project for Askul, a large Japanese company that provides everything you could possibly need in your office. Obviously there is a lot of tea drinking in Japanese offices. Also the prize for last years nicest client has to go to Askul as they are a pleasure to work with, very respectful, highly efficient and organised. A few more images here: → Askul

02 March 2014 Eins Eins Eins

If you are interested in magazines (the rare and obscure kind) check out a new website by three of Holger's students. Eins Eins Eins, regularly features new magazines, looks back into the history of magazines and speaks to their makers.

22 February 2014 Ron's Eel and Shell Fish

Oh no, it seems they are removing one of my favorite pieces of local public art on Regents Canal. The advert for Ron's Eel and Shelfish van by the artist Bob and Roberta Smith was the worst example of justified text I have ever seen. So bad that it was brilliant. If we talk of 'rivers' in justified text - this were oceans, perfectly in tune with the subject. I will miss this piece on my way to work.

14 February 2014 Two dots say it all

On the occasion of Valentine's Day I thought it might be nice to show some very old and very personal work. My wedding invite from 14 years ago. Probably one of the best pieces of work I ever did and most certainly the best decision I ever made. (posted by Holger)

03 November 2014 What Designers Do

Ever wanted to know what designers do all day and more interestingly what non-designers think they might do? Our ex-intern Karin Fisch(k)naller asked a lot of designers (including us) and non-designers. You can get all the answers here.

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