27 March 2015 — Basel in Hackney

Today a group of students from the master class at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland came to visit us. Also Holger was pretty tired from taking taking the early morning flight back from Germany we had a good discussion. The studio has a lot of swiss connections and we are always happy to meet other designers from Switzerland.

26 March 2015 — Proper Hungarian Gullasch

Our ex-intern Brigitta who returned from Budapest visited the studio and made a really nice lunch for everyone. Thank you Brigitta!

21 March 2015 — Selling Out!

Big News. We will be cheaper than this guys. Not for a fiver, not even for one quid, we do it for a sandwich!!! Yes you heard right, turn up at 12:30 lunchtime with a decent sandwich (prefer cheese over chicken) and we scribble you a fantastic logo while we eat. No vectors, sorry.

15 March 2015 — 100 Years of Graphic Design

Went to see the 100 Years of Graphic Design exhibition at currently homeless Kemistry Gallery. Maybe the title promises more than it can fulfil and a for truly representative show of 100 Years Graphic Design history you have to hire the whole of the V&A, but I enjoyed the selection and you have to appreciate what this guys are doing for the Design Community. (posted by Holger)

09 March 2015 — Orgasmic Type

Sometimes I like to show interesting work by my students here and this is most definitely a good one. In my course 'Porn Rules' Tobias Textor developed a font you can speed up. As faster it gets as more readable it becomes. The font is part of the virtual Freiland exhibition. (posted by Holger)

06 March 2015 — Book Launch at Ti Pi Tin

Yesterday we went to the launch of a beautiful small book that our ex-colleague Claire designed. It took place at Ti Pi Tin. Amazing bookshop stacked with beautifully designed art publications. Stupidly we missed the opening of 100 Years of Graphic Design at the same evening.

05 March 2015 — Work in Progress: Noor Fares

We are in the process of re-designing the overall identity for London-based fine jeweller Noor Fares. The logo is done, website will launch next week. More soon.

16 February 2015 — Type Cast Workshop

Holger just returned from Rotterdam and Düsseldorf where he was running a student workshop together with Studio Dumbar. Unrelated to the German Carnival season the assignment was to design a personal visual identity using your own body as the canvas. The final presentation took place at Playspace in Rotterdam. thanks Liza, Vince and everyone who took part.

10 January 2015 — Welcome Back Marco

Today Marco Müller, the first designer who was employed at the studio came over from Switzerland for a short visit. Thanks to Marco a long trail of Swiss designers followed. Check out Marco's work, it's brilliant.

10 January 2015 — Erin and Us

We found this nice picture of supermodel Erin O'Connor on Instagram posing in front of our Tess sign. A very glamorous sign.

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