01 October 2014 — New Shutters

This may not be the most exciting news at all but today we got new shutters installed. The old ones were getting rusty and we need to protect ourselves against all those celebs haunting the area.

01 October 2014 — Celebrity Spotting on Broadway Market

A quick update in the Hackney gentrification process: Today we spotted Mr. Geldof and his daughter at La Bouche on Broadway Market. Bugger, all the estate agents peeping through their windows must have seen them as well. And bang, our studio rent has probably gone up a good 20% right away. We might re-locate to Chelsea once they are all moved over here.

27 September 2014 — Extended Family Gathering

Today some of the extended Mind Design family came together at Hoxton Square to celebrate the baptism of Holgers daughter Juna. Sara, her new godmother came all the way from Switzerland.

25 September 2014 — Bar and Restaurant Awards

We have a strict no awards policy but somehow big Marco always convinces me to take part in this one. Good thing we kept our record clean and did not win. Lots of glamorous and stylish people at the event. I went with my dad, the most stylish of all. More images here.

20 September 2014 — Mysterious Bin Sculpture

Today we spotted this mysterious object that did not quite fit in the bin just outside the studio. Is it a new piece of street art? Someones failed attempt to design a stylish bin cover? An early Christmas tree gone wrong? The artist may contact and enlighten us.

17 September 2014 — Skype Talk

Its the beginning of term at the University of Applied Science, Düsseldorf again. I am only teaching part time this term but gave a short talk on the the ten commandments of graphic design to the newly arrived first year students. This time via skype from the studio.

17 September 2014 — Job Update

To everyone who applied for the job at the studio: Please be patient. My sincere apologies that it takes me so long. I will get back to the people I saw or been in touch with. I am just incredibly busy. Basically too busy to make up my mind who will be helping me to be less busy (if you know what I mean).

16 September 2014 — Installing Signage

For some reason it always gives me great pleasure to design toilet signs and coming up with some little variation on the classic Otl Aicher male and female pictograms. Today I installed some cute simple wooden signs at The Life Centre.

27 August 2014 — Thanks Guys!

Today we all went for Korean food as it was Thaos and Stewarts last day at the studio. Thao is going back to Germany and Stewart is chilling out for a while. Thanks for your hard work, you will always be part of the extended Mind Design Family. It feels a bit empty in the studio but also a good time to build a new super team.

22 July 2014 — Join a winning Team!

Well, that rare event which only occurs once in a million years is happening again: we actually have a real job to offer, properly paid, no internship, serious responsibility. However, we have to be very, very, very picky. (The position has been filled)

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