12 July 2010 Venice

Holger was invited (thanks, Elisa!) to give a talk on collaborations in graphic and interior design at the University of Arts in Venice (IUAV) as part of their yearly WAVe workshop series. A beautiful Art school, right on the water and you can see the big cruise ships docking at the end of the campus.

28 June 2010 Meet Dr.Ink

We must be bored; or its too hot do design anything sensible. Today we created Dr. Ink, the new studio mascot. He might appear on our coffee mugs soon.

21 June 2010 Another volcano dust cloud

Belmacz is finally about to open their first high street shop in London and we have started designing it. So far it is just a smoking volcano but it will explode soon! Our design is focusing on the contrast between raw minerals, how they are created by often violent natural events and the final polished piece of jewelry that seems to be quite removed from this process.

01 May 2010 Idea Magazine

Our work has been in quite a few magazines and books recently and there are still more to come out. The nicest to mention is probably the Japanese Idea magazine which we have been reading for years and admire for its continuously interesting content and most beautiful printing. We are also in good company among many friends and other small studios whose work we like.

28 April 2010 Tess in 3D

It took a little while but today we finally installed a simplified 3d version of the Tess logo in their reception area. The sign is made from different layers of acrylics separated by spacers.

24 April 2010 Punk Never Dies!

A farewell and goodbye to Malcom McLaren. It may not be directly work related but without him and the first adventures in cut and paste graphics our studio may never have existed.

23 April 2010 New website for Holger Pooten

Holger Pooten website

We just designed and programmed a new website for the photographer Holger Pooten a friend and fellow country-man of our Holger. It's a small and neat slideshow site. Check out his cool hyper-real photographs!

09 April 2010 Sound Waves

We have already started working on the t-shirts and merchandising for our exhibition in Japan. The theme is 'sound'. It just so happens that the Japanese word for sound ('oto') has got two ears. We seem to have developed a serious preference for circular lines.

30 March 2010 Tom Dixon magazine

The Tom Dixon magazine came back from the printers. This year it is not a newspaper but a magazine printed on thin paper like a supplement. To go with the new all shiny photography we designed a 'glam' version of Futura Maxi.

25 March 2010 Circles everywhere

We finally managed to take some photos of the D100 interior. Currently working on the website.

→ D100 Dentistry

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