10 November 2013 — Düsseldorf Students Visit

Holger's students from Germany came to London for a one week excursion. We visited museums, galleries, the St. Bride Library and studios of good friends such as Hato Press, Modern Activity, Julia, Hudson Powell and Fraser Muggeridge. Personal highlight was the visit at Why Not Associates where Andy Altman explained their Blackpool mega project The Comedy Carpet in all detail. Thanks to everyone who took the time to show their work and hopefully inspire the students not to end up in some boring advertising agency.

28 October 2013 — 20plusX

Holger and former long term Mind Design partner Craig just came back from the 20plusX Summer School in Munich, Germany where we did a talk and run a workshop. Together with students we built a 'big corporate design machine'. Every student picked a common adjective from an average corporate identity brief and then build a segment of the machine which in some mechanical way produces a visual expression of the word. Good fun, great results. We might put the documentation into the teaching section at some point.

20 October 2013 — You've been Framed

Holger just came back from Bilbao, Spain where he was talking at the Select D conference. Quite a big audience of super nice people. The conference was held at the Alhondiga Bilbao Cultural and Leisure Centre designed by Philippe Starck who decided to put a big golden frame around the stage. Quite funny. Great to meet lots of other designers from Europe as well and to exchange ideas. The general consensus among all graphic designers concerned with identity was that the traditional logo is dead. However, that conclusion has not quite arrived with most clients yet. Great food in Bilbao as well.

18 October 2013 — Eclectic

We are currently designing a new restaurant in Paris called 'Eclectic'. Not easy when nobody in the studio speaks any proper French but today our clint sent us the first images of the temporary window covering (while there is building work going on inside). Its seemed to have turned out as well. Making up for the language barrier the French seem to be really efficient in producing things.

07 October 2013 — Lock Studio Sign

The brilliant guys from Jail Make installed our sign for Lock Studios today. It moves up and down on a heavy chain very similar to the mechanism the locks on the canal use. Very pleased with how it came out. However, the simple vinyl stencils we needed for the same place we messed up by getting the measurements wrong.

19 September 2013 — A Single Letter T

Beginning of the year we designed the lettering to go on top of the newly refurbished Sea Containers House at the embankment. Probably the largest letters we ever did. Recently they tested if they can be seen from the other side of the river when illuminated. Quite funny to see a single letter 'T' on top of the building.

18 September 2012 — Back in The Dock again

As every year we designed the identity for 'The Dock' at Tom Dixon's headquarters which is part of the London Design Festival. More info on the Tom Dixon Blog. After a few different variations in recent years our design went back to the original concept of ships docking onto the logo.

12 September 2013 — Pearson Lloyd

Today we launched the new website and identity we have designed for the established furniture and industrial design design company PearsonLloyd. The new website coincides with their exhibition 1:1 Inside Design which is part of the London Design Festival.

September – Join a Winning Team!

We have a new job at the studio for anyone who is up for a real challenge and tough enough to take it. Important: please read the full description first before applying.

21 August 2013 — Welcome Henry!

It may not be big news for the rest of the world, but it is for us. After 7 years of borrowing the hoover from the studio next door we finally bought our own. He arrived today. Welcome to the team, Henry!

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