21 November 2012 — Typographic Furniture

If you happen to be in Düsseldorf on the evening of the 6th of December come to the opening of Typomöbel. The exhibition shows typographic furniture designed by Holger's students.

16 November 2012 — The End of Digital

Holger just came back from Germany where he run a one week workshop with his students. Under the title 'The End of Digital' students explored artistic interventions of public or social media websites. Some of the results can be seen here. Text is only in German. Beside other great projects check out the Mondrian inspired 'Neo Bauhaus' Facebook page as long as it lasts.

15 November 2012 — Portfolio Reviews at LCC

Romilly travelled South of the river to take part in a mentoring workshop with 2nd and 3rd year students from the London College of Communication along with other professionals from the design industry. The work was very encouraging, it all made for a good evening of discussion and debate.

05 November 2012 — New Website Project

We finished designing the website for Eduardo Padilha. Have a look at his work, he is a great artist who even drilled holes through the walls of his own flat for an exhibition.

03 November 2012 — The Big Clean

Over the weekend we cleaned the studio which was long overdue. Its just the beginning, we are throwing out a lot of clutter, books, magazines, samples, etc. Before Christmas we are planning to do a big Designers Jumble sale or give away.

12 October 2012 — New Project Update

Today we uploaded images of one of our latest projects, the signage for the IQ Student Accommodation in Shoreditch.

→ IQ Student Accommodation

27 September 2012 — Books, Books, Books

If you are interested in books check out Antfarm London and Holger's recommendation of his favorite books.

23 September 2012 – Studio Cookbook 2 launch

Today our friend Ken Kirton launched the second edition of the Studio Cookbook at the Whitechapel Gallery. Holger and Romilly peeled about 300 potaoes and made German potato pancakes. Far too many. We are still eating the leftovers from the event.

21 September 2012 — The last Cuppa

A sad day. Today the Tea shop, one of our favorite identity projects closed its doors. Located next to St. Paul's Cathedral it just didn't survive the loss of revenue caused by the area being 'occupied' for several months. Bloody hippies — there you have it: Instead of banks you closed down the venture of harmless, peace-loving, tea drinking people. However, Tea will survive as a product available from many retailers and since we originally planned the shop as a chain it may resurface again. Hopefully in the East of London.

19 September 2012 — Join us for a Feast

On Sunday our friend Ken Kirton will launch the second edition of the Studio Cookbook at the Whitechapel Gallery. Holger will be cooking the one only thing he can cook. Come along and join us. Tickets are much cheaper than going to a restaurant and can be booked here.

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