Belmacz Poster Series

The jewelry company Belmacz releases two posters every year to show the current collection. The latest poster was intended to feature our new custom designed font 'Muggenburg Grotesk'. A short text by Kurt Schwitters was laser-cut into an acrylic sheet and used as a base for the Belmacz jewels that are positioned on top or going through the openings. The semi-transparent acrylic sheet was lit from underneath and photographed without any perspective distortion. Photography by Franck Allais.

For previous posters we just put the whole collection on a photocopier or asked the kids of Julia Muggenburg (the designer at Belmacz) to draw her jewellery and over-printed the poster with their artwork. Some pieces can be recognized quite well. We also manage to convince Belmacz to feature some of the abstract poetry we occasionally like to write.

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