For the furniture fair in Milan we produced a poster and two catalogues for Artek’s new 'Gallery', ‘Objekt’ and 'Project' collection.

The 'Gallery' poster shows the newly re-launched 'Sausage Cahir' designed by Nanna Ditzel. The shape of the Sausage Chairs back rest inspired the idea of using balloons as a simple but effective prob in the photoshoot for the poster. The back of the poster repeats an angled bar in the danish lettering as typographic element. Photography by Metz+Racine

'Object' is a collection of simple everyday furniture. Most of the products were not in yet production so we used computer renderings instead of photographs combined with simple line drawings. The catalogue cover is screen printed onto one-sided grey board.

In Milan Artek also launched its new ‘Projekt’ collection for which we designed a catalogue system that could later tie in with an interactive section on the Artek website. Users will be able to combine different parts of the furniture range online. Photography by Andy Barter.

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